Chloe and Luke’s Lemonade Stand

TEN. That’s the number of years since our lives changed. Ten years ago this week, we learned the news that no one can prepare for, that no parent can imagine. And somehow, with the marvels of modern medicine, along with the support of our amazing family and our incredible army of friends, we are here. A decade later- living, loving, thriving, healing, celebrating.  We will never be able to repay the love, kindness and prayers showered upon us, but we will work to pay it forward. To that end, Chloe and Luke are organizing a lemonade stand fundraiser on Sunday, July 30th. All money donated will be given to one of our favorite charities, The Ty Louis Campbell (TLC) Foundation, which helps fund the research and technology needed to improve long-term survival rates and minimize side-effects for children during and after treatment. These little fighters need this research and innovation, including Chloe who is living with some of the long-term side effects from her treatment. Please consider joining us and donating to Chloe and Luke’s Lemonade Stand. Thank you, so much, for your unending support, love and prayers. We love you all! 💛🎗️💛

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