Students from Nipmuc High School in Upton Massachusetts had the exciting opportunity to visit Dr. Kimberly Stegmaier’s research lab at Dana-Farber’s Cancer Research Institute in Boston. 

Dr. Stegmaier is a leading researcher working with a molecule, THZ531, found to show promising results in fighting Ewing’s sarcoma cells.  She is also working on new treatments for Leukemia and Neuroblastoma.  Dr. Stegmaier discussed the basics of what cancer is and how childhood cancers differ from adult cancers.  The students then toured the lab, learning about CRISPR technology, studied Ewing’s Sarcoma cells under a microscope and gained an increased understanding of all the hard work that goes into being a research scientist. It was a wonderful visit made possible by the Rockin for a Reason fundraiser held every year at Nipmuc High School, allowing the students to truly understand where their money goes when they support a local fundraiser.