TLC is happy to announce the Welly Walks winner for 2019!

Katonah Village Kids


All year round, Katonah Village Kids focus on giving and kindness. The students experience how wonderful it is to not only be a part of a supportive community but to have a lot of fun giving back to it.This helps each child develop deep connections and feel powerful within their community.


Each year, specifically for TLC, we have our year-long coin drive.  Children decorate their own coin containers and return them to school filled as often as they like.  Perhaps they’ve “earned” money for helping at home.  Others have donated their tooth fairy money and even holiday gift money.  Others bring in a coin or two that they have found in a couch cushion.  We reinforce that no amount is too small and that when we all help, we do big things.  In fact, in coins alone, we typically collect around $1000.  This makes the children very proud!


In addition to our coin drive, we have several other events that raise money: A Halloween Costume Swap in the Fall, a Winter Clothing Swap, a Parent Social Event (with raffles) in the Spring, Muddy Puddle Day, and a Lemonade Stand in June with a raffle at our local Fireman’s Parade.


The children really take something away each year.  Like the website states, we are focusing on helping and kindness, in its most basic form. They understand that they are helping other children.  They love the idea of jumping in puddles and getting dirty in honor of those whose can’t.  It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Our little philanthropists!

-Erika Glick