Every year, for the past 26 years, Tim Gay and his family open their front yard to the local community and beyond. Visitors to the LaGrange home are invited to drive through the Guinness Book of World Records winner for largest residential display of lights, which has been meticulously synchronized to music, with new features added every year. Stay in the comfort and warmth of your car as you drive through the circular driveway, while taking in the spirit of the holidays and supporting the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation.

On Friday, December 17 and Sunday, December 19, TLC will be the beneficiary of donations collected. Volunteers will be standing by with buckets to drop your spare change in as you pass through. As a result of the Gay Family’s generosity, this event has raised thousands of dollars for the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation.

The ERDAJT light display is located at 8 Patrick Drive, Lagrangeville, New York and lights up at 4:45pm.
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